Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Focus and the Law of Success

Focus is important to the Law of Success. What we focus upon increases. Today, my minister declared the congregation a recession free-zone. There are a lot of people today focusing on what’s wrong, and it makes us afraid. Instead of looking for shadows from which we shy away, what if we look toward that which is light, right, and bright. Same world, we just face a different direction. Law of Success says choose where you focus.

Tomorrow the ground hog comes out and looks to see if it sees its shadow. What if, instead of looking for the shadow, we look toward the light, we look toward the Source? This is a key in the use of Law of Success

When we live in a culture of fear, it begets more fear. What if we all lived in the congregation that the minister has declared to be recession free? What if we focused on how many people have jobs? What if we turn our attention to the knowledge that God is our center, our support, our enoughness? This is key to right flow of the Law of Success.

Focus today on what you have. Focus on the health you have, the food, shelter, transportation, fuel, and clothing you have and the positive attributes. After living in a barn for a summer, I am grateful everyday that I have a home that has running water, heat, and a toilet and gives me shelter from the snow, fog, rain and cold.

Turn towards the light. Turn toward the Source – not the shadow. That which you focus upon increases. That is Law of Success and the Law of Attraction. What we contemplate, we become. That is Law of Success.

It is not possible to stop thinking about something that’s bad. What you do is turn your attention to something else. Purposefully turn your focus onto what is working, what is nurturing, on what you do have. Today and tomorrow instead of looking at what’s wrong, turn your attention, your focus, your concentration onto what is well in your life. You will feel better, you will think better, you will be more creative, and you are in the flow of the Law of Success and the Law of Attraction. Declare your life a recession-free zone and celebrate the use of each dollar. You are making a difference. Law of Success deems it so.

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Law of Success
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