Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Tell A New Story; Strategy of Law of Success

Telling a new story is an important strategy when utilizing the Law of Success. There is a universal law that says what you focus upon grows larger. What kind of a story are we as a nation telling right now about money and the economy? Does it follow the Law of Success? We need a new strategy which cooperates with the Law of Success. It would behoove us to focus on what is working well, on how many people are employed, and on how fortunes can still be made. The strategy of telling a new story is helpful when utilizing the Law of Success and the Law of Attraction.

When we focus on lack, we get more lack. The Law of Success resonates with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations we emanate. These vibrations are based on how you feel when you tell the old story. Continue to tell the story of “what is” to yourself and to others (old strategy/habit), and you’ll get more of the same. Or you can choose to tell a new story (new strategy). In this strategy you tell the new story from the perspective of what you desire rather than what you have. You can look for positive aspects right where you are and that will change how you feel which will change how you vibrate in this strategy that uses Law of Attraction.

You can tell a new story by saying things like “I like knowing that I can adjust the amount of money that I receive by adjusting my thoughts. It is fun to imagine a lot of money flowing to me. I am happy to understand with practice I can control my attitude about money. I like knowing that it is all right for me to occasionally feel negative emotion regarding money. But it is my intention to quickly direct my thoughts in better-feeling directions, for it is logical to me that thoughts that feel good when I think them will bring positive results.”

You could tell a new story by continuing to say “I understand that money will not necessarily manifest instantly in my experience with the changing of my thinking but I do expect to see steady improvement as a result of my deliberate effort to think better feeling thoughts. The first evidence of my alignment with money will be my improved feeling, my improved mood, and my improved attitude-and then real changes in my financial situation will be soon to follow.”

“I feel tremendous relief in knowing that I do not have to wait for the money or the things to materialize before I can feel better. And now I understand that when I do feel better, the things and experiences and money that I want must come.” This strategy of telling a new story about money comes from Money and the Law of Attraction by Hicks. Improve your alignment with the Law of Success and Law of Attraction with using this strategy of telling a new story which focuses on what you want more of. Another lovely story can be found at Meditation an Manifestation.

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Law of Success
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