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has been a study of mine for over thirty years.

Author/blogger Anna Fussell

Anna Fussell

How do I have more joy in my life?  How do I create more prosperity?  How do I create a life that I love?  These are the questions which have been with me this whole lifetime.  My brother reminds me ever so often of a paper I wrote as a sophomore in high school.  It had a powerful impact on him.  He and our family lived in a house in East Naples Florida about 100 yards from the bay.  That 100 yards contained a lot of mangrove trees with barnacles, snakes, sandspurs and other impediments.  One day the power company cut a trough through the the thicket down to the water. He and I clambered over the slick sharp mangrove roots till we finally got to the water’s edge.  The sight made us gasp.  Here we were, two very poor little kids, gazing across the short expanse of water to multimillion dollar houses and huge yachts in Port Royal.  At the time, that short ten yards seemed to be almost impossible to cross, and I named the paper “So Close But So Far Away.”

Since he and I have grown up, he has traveled the world, he has consulted with the White House, created many businesses, lived in some gorgeous homes, worn beautiful suits and eaten at some of the best restaurants in the country.  I too have traveled around the US and through many countries of the world, I’ve lived in some extraordinary homes, driven expensive cars, sailed charter boats in the Carribean, bought clothes from the Oval room, established businesses and earned quite a bit of income.  So is that success?  It certainly would be to those two poverty stricken youngsters.  We both have been driven to learn the secret to the Law of Success.

For my brother and I, the law of success had to first manifest in money, travel, clothes, things, cars, homes and the like.  We both did that early in our thirties.  With those kinds of things comes other responsibilities. As life continued to pass, we each on different paths came to value family, friends, our children, and our health as far more vital to our well-being than fancy houses.  For me, finding a state of being in which I manifest joie de vivre and exult in aliveness, has become much more a state of success.

A Master’s Degree in Human Development, teaching Psychosynthesis for 20 years, teaching career and life planning, leading workshops and retreats, writing about what I have learned in 2 books, and getting to know my children as adults are far more important elements in which I have leveraged the Law of Success.

This blog is a place where I continue to write, tell my story, and share what I have learned along the way.  I hope you enjoy what I write, and I hope that you find it helpful.

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