Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

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Fully Charged?

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

“When you are fully charged, you get more done. You have better interactions. Your mind is sharp, and your body is strong. On days when you are fully charged you experience high levels of engagement and well-being. This charge carries forward, creating an upward cycle for those you care about.” Tom Rath, Are You Fully Charged. 

Please come watch Fully Charged movie with us August 22.

Being successful, healthy, happy, and wealthy is the life desire of many people. To gain those results, we put in years of behavior and activity. There’s a new science that looks at how people are doing on a daily basis. Within a given day, people are asked whether they have emotions of happiness, stress, enjoyment, and other experiences. We live our lives moment by moment. Daily well-being is a different kind of success, than measures of life satisfaction (raising your income, your wealth, etc).

When Gallup asked people about their daily experience in 138 countries, Paraguay was the country with the highest “positive experience” score. In fact, four of the top five countries on this daily well-being index were at the bottom of the wealthiest countries list. In contrast, when life satisfaction was measured in the past, the wealthiest countries were at the top of the well-being lists.

What this research proves is that you can have a satisfying life today that gives you meaning, and well-being and a charge of energy without having to be wealthy or live in a wealthy country. More importantly, most of us have more capability to make choices on a daily basis to create meaning and happiness.  You have instant results. You feel good today! That radiates out to the world around you, and the people you care about. Taking these small steps lead to small changes and overall life satisfaction. A triple win. These small changes can lead to the long term-outcomes that you want, while experiencing short term daily wins today. 

What are the thee keys to energizing your work and your life? This is answered in Rath’s book, and an amazing documentary. We are kicking off our first ever Restore Process movie night club by watching “Fully Charged” the movie on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 8:00 pm Eastern, and 5:00 pm Pacific. It’s free.  Gather your snacks together and watch this wonderful documentary that can inspire you into living an even more amazing life.  

What are the thee keys to energizing your work and your life? This is answered in Rath’s book, and an amazing documentary. We are kicking off our first ever Restore Process movie night club by watching “Fully Charged” the movie on Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 8:00 pm Eastern, and 5:00 pm Pacific. It’s free.  You are invited to gather your snacks together and watch this wonderful documentary that can inspire you into living an even more amazing life.  You can sign up by clicking on Restore Process movie night club.

Visit our August Movie Night page for some fabulous snack recipes and to sign up to participate in our live discussion. If you can’t make it that night, you might want to at least read the book.

The three keys to a full charge for your day are meaning (benefiting another person), interactions (creating more positive than negative moments) and energy (making choices that improve your mental and physical health). You can create a lot more daily well-being in small steady steps. Read Are You Fully Charged ?

What others have said about the movie:

“Every minute of this film is inspirational. The people on whom the film focuses enjoy the benefits of good nutrition, exercise and sleep and are, therefore, fully charged. Many well known professors were interviewed to give their slant on what makes a good life. One fascinating research
project, presented by Nicholas Christakis of Yale demonstrates, by computer imaging, the fact that one person being nice to another or one person eating too much have much broader results than one would imagine. Similarly, the film touches on many lives, even on a beautiful garden on the edge of a highway and its creator.
I did love this film and will watch it often to get my charge.” Amazon Review by Jacqueline

“Fantastic documentary! Fully Charged is captivating, applicable and practical to any audience on how to live an energized healthy life. Throughout the moving it engages the viewer with powerful lifestyle habits that you want and can start right away, This movie is wonderfully written and directed – positive messages throughout and is truly inspiring to live a better life.” Amazon review by C & E Sanchez.

Come watch Fully Charged with us.

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Gifts for You

Friday, August 02nd, 2019

If you have been reading this blog for long you know I have spent years committed to helping others be successful. At the end of this entry are a few gifts that I hope you enjoy; a thank you for being a reader here at ofsuccesslaw.


Dear reader, I am so excited to share with you my new venture over at We are creating a whole new way to inspire you and interact with you. One of my ofsuccesslaw readers has been collaborating with me to provide inspiration, support, education, coaching and to build a community around success and wellbeing.

Please go over to and check out the site, and have fun with it. We were all born originally with a self of unlimited potential. Somehow while we were growing up, we learned to close down aspects of ourselves. The Restore Process has been created to affirm that it is possible to return to that original state of being that we are born into. It is never too late to restore yourself to the fullness of your own being. Read more about it at Why Restore? My individual coaching and later web classes will be one venue for utilizing the Restore Process.

We were born to be creators, and our own life is our biggest creation. Most of us did not receive an operations manual, and we’ve been doing the best we can in this life. It is possible to really amp our efforts in many ways. An e-course I have created called Create Your Life: Your Treasure Map to Wellbeing is a structured approach to creating a map to your personal wellbeing and success.

Bingeworthy: Book Club and Movie Nights!

Nisha developed this fabulous page called BingeWorthy. We have a book club night, a movie club night, and a super reading list. She includes recipes for snacks and spritzers for our movie and book rendezvous. It’s just so fun. IT’S FREE! How cool! Want to join us reading a quick book full of inspiration and down to earth ideas for our first book club where we can read then gather to talk about it? Our first book club meeting night is August 28, 5:00pm Pacific Time. View our book selection and sign up here. Those snacks look heavenly, Nisha!

We have an amazing documentary to watch on August 22, our first ever movie night! Please don’t miss watching this movie, and then our discussion afterward at 5pm Pacific time. Fully Charged has been developed from the book Wellbeing by Tom Rath. It is inspiring and gives you wonderful ideas to implement in your life to help you be healthier and full of wellbeing. You will be surprised by how these ideas are being implemented in the military and in some companies to support good health and wellbeing. I can’t wait to hear what you think about this movie.

About Anna 

I have shared little with you about my background on this website. That is remedied on in About Anna. It’s illuminating.


Of course?  How could I have any website without having a way to share with you what I learn and know? There are already four treasures over there just waiting to be read by you. One of them is critically important. Thresholds Guardians are met along one’s journey to success and wellbeing. Don’t miss reading this.

Free Gifts too!

For you success hounds 🙂 I have written two free resources. Success Portfolio is a fabulous tool to use whenever you interview, apply for financing, and so forth. The sense of confidence you build by creating such a binder is invaluable.

Introducing yourself is a critical moment in every new relationship. You can open the door to more depth by creating Elevator Speeches for your social encounters, a romantic partner, and of course your career. Please go and get these free gifts now!!!!!

That’s all for today – but that’s a whole lot. Spend some time over at Sign up for the movie night, and the book club and get your free gifts. Thank you for being a reader here on this blog. I will continue here, yes. But you do not want to miss what I will be doing there.

P.S. Technical hint for those like me who didn’t understand what hamburgers were doing on web pages. When you view web pages on your phone or tablet, or a small screen, the website collapses the top navigation menu bar into three horizontal bars in the top right corner of the screen. When you click on that “hamburger” of three bars, the navigation menu will show up. Also in my blog entries on this site, I usually make my links to somewhere else on the web open in a different browser page so that you can go back and forth, and not lose your place. In the sample picture below, there are three browser pages open. By clicking on those tabs, you can go back to where you were before.

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