Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

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The Secret to Creating the Impossible

Friday, July 14th, 2017

I am SO much better. To celebrate my return, I wanted to share a very simple secret to creating a reality that you want, but seems improbable. It is so simple.

All you have to really do is
know that it is possible.

This sounds too easy to be true. But it is simple, and it is true. Ah, but the however…… to know (not just believe) that it is possible: that is the conundrum. I have written about it repeatedly here on this blog. Here are steps to the creation of the impossible.

1. Be tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to your aliveness.
2. Raise your vibratory rate again, and again, and again.
3. Do your personal and spiritual growth work.
4. Trust in your own inner compass and use your intuition.
5. Connect with the best and highest of yourself.
6. Connect with the largest vision of your life.
7. Stay in flow as much as possible
8. Enjoy and delight in the present moment.
9. Know that what you desire is possible.
10.Journey through the gap between “what is currently” to the “what is of the future”.

“What?##!!” you say. “That could take a lifetime.” So it could, but what a lifetime it is! And as I have said so many times before, it is all a State of Being. Some people call it a mindset. But there is much more to it than your mind. It is your whole being, body, soul, emotions, mind, and consciousness.

A story might help. I had a health condition called colitis. (I changed the verb to past tense, did you notice). My Dad and his brother also had it. My Dad was forced to retire when in his early 40’s because he could not work.

My colitis began in my late 40’s and I was able to work. Last
fall I resolved to make my health my top priority. The autoimmune food plan that I have committed to has really made an improvement. I’ve been feeling better.

However, in my secret self, I did not believe I would ever be without this ‘disease.’ I’ve heard many stories of other people who were able to make themselves better, but inside I figured that was for other people, it couldn’t happen to me. One day something really got my attention.

I was telling my oldest brother about my condition, and he just out of the blue, said “You know don’t you, that Dad healed himself of this when he was 65?” I said no, I didn’t know that. My whole being reeled!

He continued. “You are doing the same thing, you know. You are eating only those foods that don’t create inflammation. You are eating happy meat, you are eating organically. You are fundamentally creating the same circumstance that Dad did. The other thing he did was gather some prayer warriors and ask for a healing.”

I thought to myself, “My Dad was really a lot sicker than I ever have been. If he could live with the disease that long, and then cure it when he was 65, then by golly so can I!”

And all of a sudden, healing my body of the disease became very real to me. I could now envision the possibility of being free of Colitis. The Universe has offered me some very different ways of healing it that I didn’t expect. I totaled my car in March while driving to see my daughter. My doctor offered a brand new procedure to take out my colon except for a few inches of it (no outside bag). “You would be disease free” she said.

Dying or having major surgery was not what I had in mind. But there was certain humor about the fact that I could be completely disease free in those possibilities. I passed on those options.

But now I knew it was possible to become free of this condition. And I am getting better and better and better. Sometime soon, I intend to report to you that I no longer have that condition.

When you know something CORE deep, it is so much easier to journey through the unknown of the GAP without clutching in fear or the need to figure it out.

So that’s the profound secret to changing Reality from what you have to: what you want it to be. Just this simple. Know that it is possible.

Let me hear from you. please share your story with me. You can talk to me on the Public Facebook Group called “Success Factors

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