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Meditate. Why?

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Meditate. Why? Meditate to use Laws of Success? Is it a fad to meditate? Meditation is a practice to allow you to use more of your brain and creativity. Meditation is a doorway to reconnect with your essential self. Today we want to talk directly to your left brain; your reasoning brain, the left brain that you were trained to use by education. If you understand the logic about how the right brain and the left brain functions, you can choose to make more space for the right side of the brain. When you can not use your right brain as well as your left brain, you are crippled. Faith, Trust, Knowing the Mystery, Expectation, Wonder, and Imagination are all attributes of the right side of the brain. You need all those capacities as well as your logic, in order to operate the Laws of Success. When you meditate you have access to both your left and right brain. That is why it is essential to meditate in order to use the laws of success

You were functioning mostly in your right hand brain between the ages of 7 and 14. This level can be measured in brain cycles per second called hertz. You brain waves vibrate from 7 to 14 hertz per second. This level is called alpha. Your right brain is where you can connect with your intuition. Your right brain is creative, imaginative. It allows you to see things holistically. The world you focus on is your subjective experience. We can be anywhere or anyplace and in any time in our imagination. Thoughts and images are the primary vehicle of this state. When you meditate, you slow your brain cycles down enough so you can access you right brain. When you meditate your brain slows down to the alpha level.

You probably switched over to using your left brain when you were around 14. When you function primarily from the left side of the brain, your brain waves move in a faster frequency (14 to 21 hertz per second). This level is called beta. You are focused on the outside world and preoccupied with what outside sources think. You are action oriented. We learn this as a result of going to school. That is where we become preoccupied with what we can see, touch, and hear. We learn to only trust the physical world that we know through our senses. We learned to look at parts, instead of the whole. A lot of us left behind the use of our right brain, because our environment was requesting that we use only our left brain. As adults, many of us have forged a rut and only operate on beta brain cycles. We are limited to knowing only through our five senses. We focus on time and the space we can see or know about. It’s a pretty barren universe from this left brain perspective. When we live in the beta level of everyday consciousness, we are not tuned into our other capacities such as intuition, imagination, expectation of good things, seeing the integral connectivity of life.

If you sit down to meditate and your mind has been in the beta rut for years, thoughts just circle frantically with a buzz. It is very difficult to turn off rampant thought which is obsessing about the outside world. That is why meditation is a practice. We have to learn how to slow our brain waves down. Meditation is the practice of slowing ourselves down, inside and out, so that we can access both sides of our brains, and the greater aspects of ourselves.

To meditate is to allow your brain to slow itself down, to the lower brain frequencies of the alpha state. If you have ever done a guided meditation, you know that you can go anywhere in that meditative state – a warm beach, a beautiful summer meadow, and your outside focuses shifts into a slower mode where you relax deeply and tune into the parts of you that are not accessible when the brain is running at the faster frequencies of beta. It is important to go forth and meditate, meditate, meditate, and meditate some more. As you meditate, you can tap into those other aspects of you so necessary to the Law of Success. See this post about Meditation.

To read some lovely stories that are more heart instead of head, see Meditation and Manifestation and Meditate to a New State of Being,

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