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Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

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Raise Your Vibration or Going Up the Emotional Scale

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Raise your vibration to reap the rewards of the law of success and the law of attraction. Raise your vibration means to allow yourself to resonate with success. Raise your vibration means to resonate all of you with that which you would like.

The universe wants to give us that which we ask for. We ask. Then we have to allow the frequency of ourselves, our actions, our thoughts and our feelings to match with that for which we have asked. Your emotions are the signposts that tell you where you are vibrating. Most of people who do not have the success they want have a gap between what they want and where they are currently vibrating. You may want to learn to raise your vibration.

When you are full of life and expectancy of what adventures your life offers, grateful and exuberant, you will get what you ask for. Many people however, vibrate down in despair, poverty, fear, struggle and overwhelm. Those lowest areas are real solid, almost like molasses. It is hard to raise your vibration when you are stuck in an emotional swamp.

The emotional scale from Esther Hicks is a powerful tool to use to find out where you are resonating. It is also a powerful tool to help you move into a higher frequency, to raise your vibration. If you are in jealousy, envious of others’ success, and doubt your own ability to be successful, you cannot immediately go to love and joy. It is just too big a leap. Being angry is up the emotional scale, and has more movement to it. Being angry is not the end goal. To raise your vibration from jealousy and envy, you might be angry with yourself that you haven’t got what you want yet. Your just raised your vibration. Being angry does feel a little better and more empowered than being envious.

I have found that by reaching for anger, irritation, and then hope, that these emotional states have movement in them, places where you can leap from, towards something better. This is the way to raise your vibration. Usually the lower feelings on the emotional scale relate to just barely getting by, feelings impoverished in some way. Survival needs are the most important things you think about. And many feel victimized by being in this state.

So no way can you feel exuberant about being alive. But by having a goal to moving to a state of feelings where you can begin to hope for something better, makes you happier, and changes your vibration. This will raise your vibration. Each stage along the emotional scale allows you more freedom and empowerment, and you can begin to stretch your imagination and hope, and finally get to the place where you are actively expecting your miracles to happen.

This is a huge journey of awareness. Celebrate every movement you make up the emotional scale. And when you waver, just remember to reach for feelings just above where you are, and you will feel yourself having a bit of relief and opening. You will raise your vibration that way.

Below is the emotional scale from Ask and it is Given.

    Positive Expectation/Belief

You might enjoy other tips about how to raise your vibration by clicking on the highlighted phrase Raise your vibration. You also might enjoy a success story told in Meditation and Manifestation.
Have a good day.

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