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Dare to Dream

Thursday, August 05th, 2010

Dare to dream
even though it takes courage. Your dream is the seed that eventually grows into a reality. Without the seed, however, what direction will you create in?

A friend of mine who just turned 50 says “I don’t know what my dreams are. I don’t know what I want to do.” Is it possible that we don’t allow ourselves to dream because we are afraid that they may not come true, that worse yet, they may come true and we don’t want the responsibility for nurturing our life along and the diligence it takes?

This morning I read “When dreams come true: the first novel.” Writing that first novel takes discipline and determination says the article and here is how six authors did it. It was riveting reading, as I was familiar with most of the six, and personally knew Kate Green, a suspense novelist. I was devouring this Sunday magazine, and then I got to the end and there was story called “One who didn’t: a writer with no novel.”

Bob Ehlert concluded his article with

    “Now there is absolutely no physical reason why I have not begun and completed the Great American Novel. …..

    For the first time in a long time I have realized that what is keeping me from writing a novel is the same thing that keeps us from living any dream.

    We wait and we wait and we wait. We are so cautious sometimes, we don’t follow our impulses when they are the brightest and the fastest and the surest sensations of adventure.

    We are so afraid to fail sometimes we don’t even try. “

When I finished reading this last sentence, I realized that Bob had written both articles. He had interviewed six authors. Each of them “never was afraid to be alone because they were always in the company of their dream.”

His quest was to find out how they broke through all their barriers and finished their first work, their dream. He says

    “They used their will to discipline themselves to give up the more common and simple pleasures in order to pursue their writing; to persevere, when, at times, they were the only ones who cared; to dare to fail and complete what they had begun.”

Dreams are tender. When I began this website, I did not let any of my friends know I was writing it. I just kept writing. A year later, when it had grown, and I could see that I would continue to write despite what anyone said, only then did I let friends and relatives know about it. I got a few positive responses, some jealousy, and quite a few were quite eager to point out spelling errors. Fortunately by that time, I received enough response from my readers to keep going. Most importantly, as I reread my own entries, I found they inspired and reinvigorated me.

I began this website to distill what I had been seriously studying for over thirty years. How do people succeed and manifest their dreams? Napoleon Hill was my jumping off point.

When you have your dream seed, then you can take it into your imagination workshop, and begin to flesh it out and grow it. But that’s another day’s topic.

Those six Minnesotan authors had collectively written 58 novels when the article was written. Those books were written because each author had a dream of writing their own book.

Make your dream sacred
. Dare to dream. Give it space in your life. Identify it. Nurture it. Write it down. Begin the adventure of following the direction of your dream. See what happens when you get lost in the contraction of worry and stress (Dreams and survival thinking). Hold your dreams as special. See Recognize and Accept Dreams.

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