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Vision Boards and Goal Setting

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Vision Boards are something I complete at least once a year. In December of 2014 and January of 2015 I contemplated what I would like my vision for this year to be. The title I gave to this particular board is “Life Is Good.” Colors and words really energize me so I have a precious box of clippings of headlines, photos, words that I draw from. I go through magazines looking for particular things that grab me. It is so fun.

Before I started the vision board, I just held the question in my heart “What do I want to focus upon in 2015. What are the specific areas I want to grow?” This year I had several areas.


      Eating better, feeling better physically, stay healthy
      Emotional wellbeing: to treasure myself.

Embracing the Now. Really savoring the moment, every hour, every day and asking the question
“What can I offer the word that no one else around here can?”

Grow my consulting practice where I practice presence, guided by soul, and help others create great lives for themselves with a power new technique I am developing.

Play with friends and share joy and smiles.

Enjoy Intimacy with a beloved by getting close without going nuts. Then I found the best quote that I would not have put on my board before now, which says that “Intimacy is a willingness to be vulnerable.” Oofda! Now that’s some personal courage, because Vulnerability scares me to death.

Find my new place that is an oasis to nourish my heart and mind, feed my soul, where I can savor the summer, garden and be joyful.

My process is an intuitive organic one which is like the intuitive way I live my life. When I finish, I have created something visually attractive that holds my attention all year long.

Other people like to be more goal oriented. Whatever works for you is terrific.

If you are more logically, sequential in your thinking, then I would invite you to listen to Vishen Lahkiani who is the CEO or MindValley and FinerMinds, which are personal development companies that are very inspiring. He did a speech redefining goals. He separates goals into 2 categories. Are these means goals or are they end goals?
Three questions help you turn your attention to End Goals.

      What experiences do I want in my life?
      How do I want to grow?
              How do I want to contribute?

You can listen to Vishen’s talk Goals Revisited. I urge you to listen to a description that helps you convert your thinking from taking steps to achieve an end, to seeing a broad vision for yourself ad directing yourself toward that dream.

Another framework is to try to make sure your life is balanced by making aspirations in 12 areas in your life.

      A) Health and Fitness
      B) Intellectual Life- skills, languages
      C) Emotional Life –happiness in the now, getting rid of limiting beliefs
      D) Character – values, what do you believe in, compassion, humor
      E) Spiritual Life – how often do you meditate, feeling more interconnected with all life
      F) Love Relationships – Learning to Care for Other, for Self, for the Relationship
      G) Parenting Vision
      H) Social Life
      I) Financial Life
      J) Career: What do you want to build?
      K) Quality of Life
              L) Life Vision – what mark do you want to leave on the world

These 12 categories are discussed in another Vishen talk called The Theory of Awesomeness: How to live in the Ultimate State of Human Existence that he got from a man named John Butcher.

Here’s my thought. To build a balanced life, you want to think about the huge vision of your life and create what I call a life plan. I can’t accomplish a goal in each one of these areas in one year of my life. I just can’t focus on that many things. It puts me into overwhelm. But if you have some extra time, you may want to begin creating a Life Plan, just as banks require Business Plans if they are thinking of giving you funds. If you write it down, you are much more likely to achieve your vision.

A couple of other blog entries might be helpful for creating Vision Boards

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Burning Goals

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Goals that help us Burn for Success

Goals that burn inside help us to success. I was inspired a couple of weeks ago to look at goals in a new way. I think a new way of defining a goal is vital to being successful in your life. But first let’s refresh our understanding about goals and desires. Burning Desires converted to Burning Goals give a direction to creating our lives. How are desires and goals critical to success? We have to have something to shoot for. It allows us to ask for what we want from the Universe. And then we get to live it, refine it, or shoot for a new goal.

The Power of Aim

We need to aim in a direction. Dreams, Desires, Goals, Visions, and Life Missions are ways we aim ourselves and our lives. Dreams, Desires, Goals, Vision and Mission also serve to fuel our progress towards the goal. So Goals set a direction, and Burning Goals help fuel our motion towards that Desire.

Two Types of Goals
When we want to be successful, we might want to have very specific goals to ensure our success. Vishen Lakhiani of Finer Minds has identified two types of goals. He says there are two types of goals; means goals and end goals. His recent video describes how easily we get seduced by means goals that society tells us will give us the feelings we want. He says

      “End goals are the end result of being human. End goals are about experiencing love, traveling around the world, being truly happy, contributing to the planet and learning new skills.

      Means goals are stuff that society tells us we need to have in place to get to happiness, like getting a good GPA, Getting into a good college, getting into a particular firm, being with one particular someone. Getting a good review at work. Money is a means goal.”

The secret to move your life forward towards what you want is identifying your end goals.

Three Important Questions
Vishen says that we can separate everything we want in life (which are end goals) into three buckets; Experiences, Growth and Contributions. To focus on these, he asks three very important questions that can help us identify these aims.

      What do we want to Experience before we die?
      How do we want to Grow in this lifetime?
      What Do we want to contribute back to the planet while we are here?

These three questions are critical to creating lives that are happy and fulfilled according to Vishen. Vishen takes you through a short exercise to identify these end goals in his video which you can watch at Finer Minds on Goals.

Contrast gives us feedback for new goals
The times we are in are pushing us out of our comfort zone. These times are giving us the opportunity (perhaps even pushing us a bit) to look at what we really want in life. These are very exciting times, and can be quite uncomfortable as well. Our discomfort can be very useful in highlighting what we don’t want. When we turn that into a question of “Well what is it I do want?” we feel burning desire that helps us create what we do want. Now we have a goal that we do want that we can shoot for.

Often however, we have identified a means goal which has burning properties. We want to have a certain car, camera, house, or we want more money, because we are so worried about the bills. The problem is that we get so obsessed with these means goals that we forget the end goals.

To make end goals have a burning quality about this, to give us the propulsion power we need, we can look at the burning desire that comes out of the contrast from what our experience currently is and what we want our experience to be. If we are incredibly stressed about money, making the rent or mortgage payment, finding a job, we have to figure out a way to rename our desire in a way that moves us towards our end goal. Perhaps we want the freedom to work in our own company that contributes to people and provides a bountiful life to us and our family.

In my current occupation, I move around a lot. Out of that experience comes a new end goal. I fervently want a home base that allows me to write and contribute. Curiously enough, my past goal was to travel and to have the freedom to paint and write. I asked and I received. I have been writing, and I have been traveling, and I have had the freedom from structure. Now I find I need a little more structure that a home base would give me. And I want it fiercely. I need it for my health. I need it to be able to produce effectively and I need it because of how it will support and give to me.

The universe heard what I asked for, and gave it to me. I have had three years of living like a nomad (to counter those 30 years of being rooted in the upper Midwest). I fiercely wanted it and I received it. It came in a different form that I visualized it, but I received the lifestyle I asked for. Out of these years of traveling, came the experience of packing and moving several times a month. I don’t like that. That’s the contrast highlighting what I don’t like. Now I use what I don’t like to get clearer about what I do want, so that I can ask the Universe to deliver More Please of what I do want. See how it works?

When the discomfort of moving got intense enough, the discomfort gave me a new burning goal. Which fuels the next ask and receive cycle. Of course my making myself bad and wrong for asking for such a lifestyle certainly has slowed things down, but now that I am back on track, I know that I will receive a breakthrough shortly.

We have life experience. When we are uncomfortable, we are in our juiciest place of creation. From what we really don’t like, we can create a burning desire or goal. That desire or goal is the form that we give to the creation which is our life. We ask for this from the Universe. The Universe and our higher self collaborates. Situations and circumstances get drawn into our life. I asked for a traveling, nomad lifestyle of writing. It took a bit but I received it.

When we live in this new experience, as I did in my three years of traveling and writing, we get more grist for the mill by the contrast that comes out of our experience. We get to refine our goal, dream or desire, to more accurately reflect what we want. Then we ask, let go, and receive again. It’s the continual dance of creation.

Blessing to you as you identify your own life goals. Go listen to the 13 minute video by Vishen. Continue to build those lists of end goals. Below are some resources to reflect more on dreams, vision, and burning desire.

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Goal Setting and Three Important Questions Video from Finer Minds


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PayPal Is Fully Prepared to Lose eBay's Business Next Year  The Motley Fool

PayPal and eBay announced their big split a year ago, and PayPal is doing just fine.

Jet Capital Investors LP Has Cut Its Liberty Tripadvisor Hldgs In (LTRPA) Holding as Share Value Declined; As Ebay (EBAY) Stock Price Rose, Holder Zacks Investment Management Trimmed Its Stake  The NBO News

Jet Capital Investors LP decreased its stake in Liberty Tripadvisor Hldgs In (LTRPA) by 13.75% based on its latest 2019Q1 regulatory filing with the SEC.

Visa Launches Global Cross-Border Network Based on Certain Aspects of Blockchain  Cointelegraph

United States' payment giant Visa has launched a cross-border payment network derived from some aspects of blockchain technology, Reuters reports June 11.

(PHOTOS) eBay, Triad city partner to support small, local businesses  Triad Business Journal

The city of Greensboro and online retail giant eBay have partnered to bolster small and local businesses in the region through the company's year-long Retail ...

eBay's Ad Business Doing Well With New Strategy  eSellerCafe

eBay's ad business is showing no signs of slowing down after reporting steady growth during last week's earnings. In 2017, eBay announced a shift in its.

Analysis | EBay Is the Un-Amazon, for Better and Worse  Washington Post

Its defensible caution may ensure that the online marketplace stays viable and profitable, but it risks losing relevancy.

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