Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Law of Success Vision Boards

Law of Success uses Vision Boards as one way of bringing success into one’s life. Law of Success uses imagery and the impetus of all the energy that one spends to begin the manifestation process.

We have talked about a technique called 17 seconds as part of the activation of the Law of Success. When you begin to hold a thought for 17 seconds, alignment begins to occur. When you can hold that thought without any interruption for multiples of 17 seconds, the universe begins to line up with your thoughts.

Vision Boards are wonderful ways to implement the 17 second process and imagination and goal setting. Success loves to follow us when we put down on paper those things we want – especially with the use of images.

Vision Boards can include more than just tangible things. I almost never put things like a car or house on my vision board. That’s just too limiting. Last year my vision included the words “gather in community.” Seven months after I put that vision board together, I was living in a condo community that functions intentionally as community. I love it.

Last year my vision board included the word “Support.” I found a club where I share my talents, my expertise, and I have all the support I want and need for my publishing endeavors.

How to do Vision Boards:
a. Set an intention to create a vision board. Ask your highest self to help you create the coming year with purpose.
b. Reflect on what you want to add into your life. It might be qualities, like order, harmony, or skills like marketing and writing.
c. Gather magazines and printed material, glue sticks, scissors, and some kind of poster board. I often use a colored background.
d. Begin to browse through the magazines looking for pictures, headlines, words, that appeal to you. Just have fun and pull out pictures and words.
e. I might take a week or a month to gather my images and words.
f. Take a special time to review your clippings, and sort through which ones you want on your Vision Board. I like to have yellow and orange on my Vision Board, and I almost always include a picture of a Beach, because I love beaches.
g. Lay out your treasures on the colored poster board. Try to leave some blank space between your picture. Choose carefully what you want as a focus for the year, and put that in the center. Last year I had a picture from a conference brochure that talked about helping the world transform.
h. Allow this process to be a creative one where you don’t have all the control. Give the Universe space to work and work through and with you. I am always surprised with how my vision board looks when it is complete.
i. When the vision board feels complete to you, use the glue stick to adhere the pictures and words to the vision board.
j. Post your vision board somewhere to be seen on a regular basis. Last year, I took a picture of it with my phone and used it as a screen saver for my phone.
k. Hold thanks and appreciation as you are working on your vision board, and after it is completed.
l. Begin to hold the feelings of what it is like to have these new circumstances in your life. Enjoy the sensations of walking on the sandy beach, or feeling the sun on your face, or experience the new connections that are in your life. See them, feel them, smell them, taste them and savor them, way before they are actually here in your reality.
m. Talk to yourself in words such as “won’t it be wonderful to have more confidence in myself?” “My life is good and things work out for me.” “What shall I wear to the beach when I go?” “I’m savoring the closeness of eating breakfast on the deck with my partner, and walking hand in hand on the beach.” “I love the sparkle in his eyes when he looks at me.” “We are having such fun getting to know each other.”

You make the images so real in your mind that you taste them and feel them happening. Its fun to enjoy your imagination like that. Before you know it, your reality reflects your imagination. It is Law. The Law of Success and the Law of Attraction look to the images in your mind, heart and soul. to see what you want. So be careful to put images there that you want. One such way is to create a Vision Board. New Years’ Eve or New Year’s Day, or the whole beginning month of January are good times to creat such a vision board.

You might want to look at a couple of other entries to stoke your imagination.

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