Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Setting Daily Intention

Setting a Daily Intention

Setting a Daily Intention is a practice that I have recently taken up. I read the book Choose Brilliant Health and it has become one of my top ten books. Rick Foster and Gregg Hicks look at the mental steps that people who have had health challenges take to become healthier. They describe three kinds of intentions; Daily, Moment to Moment and Core Intentions. Setting my Daily Intention is becoming one of my most favorite practices.

When I wake in the morning, before I open my eyes, I reflect upon the day, and review what I know I will do. I go into a quiet state – somewhat meditative, contemplative, and somewhat imaginative. I bring all those qualities into a focus and say to myself. “Today I intend to carry a feeling of well-being and joy. Today it is my intention to meet my son for lunch and be as present and heart-centered as I can. Today, I intend to carry happiness with me. Today, I intend to have something wonderful and unexpected enhance my experience. Today I intend to see signs of Synchronicity and Source operating in my life. Today I intend to savor every moment. Today I intend that packing and traveling will go easily and effortlessly.”

This morning I woke from a dream where I was getting a review from some friends, and they were so complimentary, but Douglas (who has already passed on) said to me. “I disagree. I don’t think you are meditating enough and you are not allowing enough of your genius to come through you.”

So it is my intent to now add to me daily practice these words “Today I intend to meditate. I intend to allow my genius to emerge into my life.”

While in that state, I see myself doing what I am saying. I imagine my day, if you will, before it happens. I recently traveled to Minneapolis, and had some concerns about meetings that I would have there. So I imagined my day and set my intention to have positive outcomes for these meetings.

Every day that I did this Daily Intention Practice, I felt as though I had a special cushion of energy that supported me throughout the day. And the days were spectacularly successful. When I forgot to do this practice in the morning, I would rapidly find out, because the day was not filled with ease. When I remember early in the day, I just stop, and take the time right then and there to do my Daily Intention for the rest of the day.

In each session of the Daily Intention Practice, I make it specific for that particular day. I remember the different things I will be doing, and I make a specific intention for each one of them. Sometimes I make it like a prayer, or add in a prayer for specific people. What I know to be true is that my life is more blessed when I used this Daily Intention Practice. I intend for certain qualities to accompany me through the day. That may be self-compassion, connection and caring; self-confidence, success, tenderness, clear-sightedness or whatever I feel is called for in the situations that I may face. This practice has become my version of the Prosperity Secret Create Your Day. I urge you to try it, if only for a minute or two. You are giving yourself the suggestion of how you are intending to create your day and your life. And the Universe cooperates.


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