Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Meditate to a new State of Being

Meditate to a new State of Being that will bring you peace, prosperity, joy, and a deep personal connection between you, You, and the Universe. Meditation is an act of allowing yourself to settle into the quiet and profoundness of the essence of You.

As we grow up, we create our personalities in response to what and how we experience life. We are truly unbelievable creators, for our personalities are quite strong and opinionated.
But there is more to us than personalities. There is a cosmic seed in each of us that germinated and then we sprouted personalities. But that timeless essence is always available in each of us as well. Most of us just never learned to quieten ourselves to tune into it.

What we need to do is bypass all the clutter of thoughts, past hurts, emotional bruises, and the different world views and beliefs held close. Meditation is one way to do that. Contemplation and prayer are other ways. Use of imagination is yet another approach.

This winter, I have sat in front of many wood stoves and watched the fire. Each time I do, I find myself slowly relaxing, looking at the fire with soft eyes, and gently finding my way back to the fullness of well-being. We’re not trying to do anything, we are slowly relaxing back to the well-being of Source. That cosmic seed that still exists in each of us is a part of Source.

If you have been having a difficult time connecting with this idea that You that came from Source, then try sitting in front of a fire. Give yourself permission to sit as long as you want, and to drift into a zone where you are relaxed, enjoying the fire, present to the here and now (not off in past memories or future things to do).

Watch with soft eyes and a soft mind. Let yourself be lulled into the quiet. Savor the sweetness of watching the flames. Hear the quiet. Let the peace fill your mind and body. You need do nothing. You need not try anything. You’re just allowing yourself to settle deep into the essence of you where you feel like you, but you are deeply relaxed. You feel full. You have soft wonder of the flames.

There is a lulling past all thoughts and activity down to the core of you. Here there are no worries and cares, there’s just the gentle warmth of the fire, the flickering of the flame, and the deep quietness where you know all is well.

It is from this place, this state of being that we can create quickly and profoundly. for we have created resonance between our personality and our Source or Seed Self. Doing 17 seconds from this place within will bring profound results. This is the secret to the Law of Attraction that so many people don’t know or understand.

That secret is to shift into a state of being where there is resonance inside of you with the essence or core of You. Then in that state of resonance visualize in great detail what you wish, and stand in the knowing that all is well. In this zone of profound quietness, you will know that you are in tune, tapped in, and that there is nothing that you cannot do or have.

All you had to do was watch the fire, allow yourself to soften and relax back to the state where you are resonant with yourself.

For another lovely story about meditation, read Meditation and Manifestation.


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