Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

New Year Resolutions and Vision Boards

New Year Resolutions often are used by those who practice Law of Success.  It is a time of beginnings.  It is the time that we Resolve to try to do our best.  We set goals. We produce images of the future.  It is a powerful time.

Most of us do not comprehend the power that we invoke when we make New Year Resolutions.  Instead, we hear the internal chatter of how it won’t work, and how most people never follow through on their Resolutions.  But there is great power in New Year Resolutions.

First it is a time when all of us are contemplating the future instead of only stewing about our present or past.  So there is a huge mental mind field that is created by many people thinking about possibilities.  There is no other time in the entire year that holds so much energy and intention about the future, held by so many.

Second.  There is real optimism present in that group think, and it is contagious.  We all can touch into our optimism.

Third.  We give ourselves freedom to dream, and we set goals, both realistic and unrealistic.  It may be to take up some form of exercise, to boost our sales to a new high, look for a job we love, write that book, meet the love of our life, or take karate lessons.

Fourth.  We invoke some of our most potent powers.  Imagination. Creativity, Focus, and Will.  We clear our minds of chatter and imagine a future when we are thin, prosperous, loved, and contribute to the greater good.  Resolve is one of the attributes of Will.  When we say, “I resolve that I will take up an exercise program”, we are invoking that personal will in a powerful way to serve our desire, dreams, and goals.

Fifth:  The way we make these New Year Resolutions is important.  When we write them down, we give these Resolves incredible potency. When we add creativity to these Resolves by making pictures, making a Treasure Map, making a poster of the dreams we want to come true, we are bringing the genies of the universe together to bring to us what we want, because we have such clear images. This is an intense version of the 17 seconds process. Last year I made a vision board also called a treaure map – which is a poster with pictures and goals made out of clippings from magazines.  I wanted to meet a romantic partner, and the pictures that I clipped out all had boats in them.  I did meet a man, and he looked very much like the pictures I had pasted on my board, and his goal was to live on a boat.

Years ago, I made such a vision board/treasure map and I included pictures of places where I might want to visit, and some words and pictures to reflect professional writing.  Later that year, I made a presentation at an international conference on a topic that I had been writing about professionally.  I stopped on the way to visit an old friend in Oregon.  She took me down the Columbia Gorge to Multnomah Waterfalls.  Later when I looked back at my poster, I realized that a photo of that exact waterfall was on that poster.

One law of success guru made such a vision board/treasure map and included a photo of a house to represent his deep desire to live in an beautiful modern affluent home.  Years passed.  He moved.  While unpacking, he ran into the old chart, and his son asked him what it was.  There on that poster was a magazine photo of the exact home that he had just moved into.  Gave me chills to hear his story.

So there is much power in making New Year Resolutions.  The follow-through is also important, because very few of us have received real training about how to muster our attention in the days and weeks that follow.  It is a process.

We will address some of those issues in the following posts.  Today, have fun.  Gather some magazines and clip out words and images that makes your heart sing.  Glue them to a poster. Make your own vision board and treasure map for the coming year.

We  here at wish you days of joy and an abundance of prosperity and success.

For a lovely story about the outcome of my last two year’s of vision boards, see Meditation and Manifestation.

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