Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets


Intention is a key ingredient in the law of success. To have intent means to have the desire and commitment to something. When we hold an intention, we are activating a set point around a goal or a desire. The intention acts like a magnetic pole. Our thoughts begin clustering around the intention. The universe then begins to respond to the intention and synchronistic events and connections occur.

My daughter loves horses and has ridden for many years. She wanted to become a working student for a horse trainer and live on a horse ranch. A year or two ago, she made that intention. I didn’t know how it would happen. We were in a new state, did not know anyone who had horses.

Two years later, through a series of connections, a friend of hers told her about a working student position. She took the position, and then moved with the trainer back to the horse farm. Her intention was magnetic. Intention is a force to be reckoned with.

Holding an intention will help you focus on your commitment. My daughter intended on becoming a working student who lived on a horse farm. She is now living that dream.

Happiness works that way as well. So does success. “I intend to be happy today. I intend to have a successful day.” These sentences can be combined with a few minutes of visualization, and you most likely will have a happy and successful day. Law of Success uses intention in many ways. We will write more articles about intention and the Law of Success.

In the meantime, intend to have safe driving journeys and good food today. Intend to have positive thoughts about the people you love. It makes you feel really good.

You can apply Intention in many areas of your life. I use then when I do a process called 17 Seconds, and I especially use them at the beginning of each New Year when I create a Vision Board.  See the below links.

Be Clear About What You Want: The Key to Vision Boards
Law of Success Vision Boards
New Year’s Resolutions and Vision Boards
Prosperity Secret of 17 Seconds
Setting Daily Intentions

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Law of Success
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