Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Life Flame and Law of Success

Life force
, your eternal flame and the Law of Success are deeply connected. Within each of us burns a flame, an internal fire. We are the custodians of that flame. The choices we make in our lives either add to or dampen the life force we have been given.

When we have a roaring fire within, we feel confident, strong and courageous. We are inspired with visions and we have what it takes to go after our dreams. We can be focused, see with clarity, speak truthfully, yet have humility. We easily flow with the Law of Success

When we neglect our internal flame, it sputters, we feel scared, we worry, and feel self-doubt. We doubt that we have anything to give to the world. We look to the outside to find things to make us feel better. Our internal fire feels tired and starved. We want other people to “feed our fires.” We are at odds with the Law of Success.

Life is a pure flame and we live by an invisible sun within us.
-Thomas Broune

“Our flames are our essence. When they are well fed, they hold all the power of that roaring fire. But our internal flames must be looked after and protected. We must honor them and care for them, tend them and nourish them, if they are to stay strong. Our job is to protect these flames, knowing that they are our life force, our spirit, and the keeper of our divinity,” says Debby Ford in The Right Questions. When we stoke our inner fire, we coordinate with the Law of Success.

What if our only job in life is to keep this inner fire vital and robust? Our life fire warms and enhances the life of those around us. We enjoy warming ourselves around the life fire of our friends and loved ones. We enjoy basking in the warmth of our own internal fire when it burns briskly. The Law of Success depends upon the life force in each of us, and in each particle of the Universe to resonate. Stoke your internal fire and take very good care of that flame, and Law of Success will give you all the love, money, healthy, fulfillment that you desire.

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