Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

Holding the Question A Success Technique

Holding the Question is a powerful tool when utilizing the law of success. Many people can be successful, but can’t come up with AN IDEA to leverage. They may not have found their calling and they ask “what should I do?”

Holding the Question is a success process in which you walk during your day and your life “holding” the question. Some people would say it is a meditative state. It doesn’t have to be. An artist I knew loved pioneer women and read and studied about them for years. She wondered long and hard about the image to use to convey the power and the depth of those courageous women. One day as she was watching television she saw a close up camera shot of two hands pushing fabric through a sewing machine, and Eureka, Success. She knew. She created a successful series of painting using hands to convey the work they did – the women of the prairies.

Holding the question is a form of the law of attraction (aligned with the law of success). Ask such questions as “I wonder what I could sell?” “I wonder what image I could use?” “I wonder what particular attributes of mine would the universe like me to successfully use to put my gifts out there for others?” “I wonder what kind of successful business would enable me to thrive?” By wondering about the answer, you are holding up the possibility of an answer, and one will come to you successfully.

This is not difficult. “I wonder where we should eat tonight,” “I wonder what movie we should see this weekend,” “I wonder if we should have some people over?” are the same kinds of questions. You do it all the time. You are just broadening the arena. Do you research what movies are playing? Do you contemplate what restaurants you like, and how far you want to drive?

You do the same in the process of holding the question and with the same kind of success attitude as well. You know there is an answer to what movie you will eventually see. My artist friend received her successful answer, though it took five years before everything gelled for her to see it.

Tell yourself that you are “holding the question.” Do your homework and your research, gather all you know together, and then lift the question up to Source, to the Universe, to God, whatever you call your higher power. Then go about your days, (weeks, and months if necessary) knowing that the answer will come. It is law. It is an appropriate use of the Law of Success.

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For an example of holding the question while manifesting, see Meditation, Manifestation and Laws of Success

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Law of Success
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