Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets



If there has been a focus in this blog during the last ten years, it has been “How can I live my life sublimely, in my greatest self, aligned and tuned in?  That is what I have concluded from my life experience. To be happy, to be full of well-being, to act in the world in an inspired way, to be successful, whole, healthy and wise; then there was a state of being that I aspired to.  I have spent an entire life trying to find the way to move out of my painful patterns of reaction, into a mode where I choose who I am, rather than be the Reaction to my Outward Environment.

Last night I remembered a beautiful moment in my life when that fullness of being, that connection with Life happened and it was magical.  I was 26 or so, attending a Sid Simon workshop on Values Clarification (which was really a personal growth workshop – but for me, it was spiritual). We continually affirmed each other.  We were constantly in pairs, looking into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes, answering the question that Sid asked us to speak about, and then with loving humor, we would feed back to that person something we absolutely adored about them (just from that 2 minute interaction).  It was profound for the young woman I was who was so starved for positive feedback.

On the last night (a Thursday) we had a talent show which lasted until 3:00 am. At 4:00 am we all loaded into cars and drove out to Miami Beach to watch the sun rise.

I think the sun rose for the  majestic first in my life metaphorically.  As I sat on my meditation bench, full from the experience with 40 – 50 people appreciating each other, I watched the sky lighten.  I was so full.  My heart soared. My spirit was peaceful.  As the sun began to sliver above the horizon, my soul began to sing. I moved into the most profound connection that I have ever experienced.  My cells sang with exuberant joy.  I was completely a part of all that is. I was the sky, I was the moon, I was the water, I was the sand. I was the wave, I was the ginormous awareness bigger than a personal self could ever be.  I wept with joy. I was called to celebrate this incredible beautiful experience we call life by dancing with arms raised into the water.

That time felt endless. There was no time. There was no space, there was only joyous communion.

There is so much more to this story.  Miraculous things happened which I will save for another time.

Today, I am sitting in a study, writing, looking out onto the beautiful world, just having returned from an incredible event in Nanaimo Canada called The Science and Spirituality Conference.  From Wednesday June 13 till Wednesday June 20, I travelled and soaked up the human wisdom that some people I greatly admire have generated from their life’s work; Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Lee Carroll.  I feel today as I felt that gorgeous Friday morning in Miami. Truly blissful, connected to Oneness.

Together 1500 people along with the staff and the presenters, created a field of connection and possibility that has allowed me to feel like dancing with joy, as I did in the Atlantic waters. Now some 40 years+ I am bathing in the waters of my soul while living next to and visiting the waters of the Pacific.

I have aspired to a State of Being where my personal self is aligned with my Source Self.  I am feeling as though I have asked and asked and asked, and finally the universe has given me far more than I ever could have anticipated.

The three months leading up to the conference helped me anchor my intention.  It also allowed some deep processes that cleared the obstructions that kept me mired in reaction.  Unpleasant they were, but I embrace them so excitedly because they freed me to go to the conference free of expectation, free of trying to get what I needed, free from trying to take what I wanted out of desperation, and move to a state of appreciation of myself for going, appreciation for the staff for creating this miraculous event, and the appreciation of and wonder of that many people coming together of like mind.

I feel as though I have circled again into that state of bliss and oneness that led to miracles.  But the state of Being In Oneness is so compelling, that I am so happy to just be here in this moment, in this time, still connected to that incredible field of Quantum Possibility, the Divine, the Matrix, Source, none of which really names even closely what the experience is.

How powerful.  We are living in such wonderful times.  They can be uncomfortable, but such a huge state of shift is happening.  And we are a part of it. LIFE IS GOOD!

What an amazing journey life is!  I feel like I have spent all my life coming to this point in the here in now, where I finally can be the me that I came here to be.  I stand on the cusp of a fascinating birthday – one which I have faced in the past with quite a bit of trepidation.

Now, I am so excited to see what the next 30 or 40 years brings.  Thank you for joining this journey with me.

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