Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

The Secret Key to Law of Success # 5

The Secret Key to Law of Success # 5
Go the Extra Mile

The Secret Key to Law of Success is to go the extra mile that others don’t go. When you give more than is asked or expected in a job, an assignment, a volunteer role, you send a radio signal that you care about others, and you have a willingness to go full out. The secret success key is to always give more than expected or is due. Giving sets up a cycle in the universe that says, I have value to give, and I know have plenty. I have so much plenty that I am willing to share it with you. This simple Law of Success is powerful.

This magnetic thought attracts others. It is part of the secret. Law of Success says you are seen as being more capable, more successful, and people want to come closer. In Keys to Success (his synthesis on the Law of Success), Napoleon Hill tells the story of the benefit of giving more than you are paid for. An elder woman stopped into a department store to escape the rain. Other salespersons didn’t approach her. One young man asked if he could help and she responded that she was waiting for the rain to stop. He went and got a chair for her. Several months later the owner of the store received a letter asking for this specific young man to come and furnish a whole castle located in Scotland. An example of the Law of Success, it seems that the elderly lady happened to be Andrew Carnegie’s mother and she remembered this young man who had not tried to sell her anything she did not want and had been courteous. Napoleon Hill tells this story to show the power of the Law of Increasing Returns, a part of the Law of Success.

The secret to this aspect of the Law of Success is that when you are not worried about getting, your focus turns to what you are giving and delivering. In this success secret when your energy is about what you give, you accelerate your success. The secret to success is to give more than is asked for. You will be the recipient of the secret.

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Law of Success
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