Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

“The Secret Key to Law of Success #3 Assemble “

The Secret Key to Law of Success #3

Assemble An Attractive Personality

The Secret Key # 3 to Law of Success according to Napoleon Hill is to assemble an Attractive Personality. There are many aspects of an attractive personality, and when one aspect is enhanced, the others are often enhanced. Many people want to assert that they are who they are; and others need to accept them as they are.

That is a fine sentiment. The Secret; the truth is, we are all very multi-faceted. We all have many different aspects to who we are. Using the Law of Success, We can choose what aspects of ourselves we want to enhance. Many of us use the excuse “I am who I am” simply to justify staying in our habitual frame of reference. If that happens to be crabby place, or pessimistic; ‘oh well, that’s just who I am.’ The Law of Success does not say, ok, I can be pessimistic and succeed.

When you encounter people who use the Law of Success in the outer world how do you feel? Would you want to place your business with a doctor who is pessimist, or an accountant, or an alternative healer? Do you want to have a boss who is crabby or a pessimist? The Secret Key to the Law of Success is that most everyone prefers to work with someone who is upbeat, positive, optimistic, and who is pleasant to deal with.

The secret is Pessimism is a habit. The secret is Crabbiness is a habit. The secret is Optimism is a habit. Each of those characteristics is a choice that we each make every moment, every day. The Law of Success asks us to give the best of ourselves. The alternative is we default to the habit of thinking and acting as we have been raised to do. It is your choice. The secret is YOU get to choose the characteristics in your self you want to enhance. Part of the secret is The Law of Success and the Law of Attraction will bring back to you whatever you are putting out into the world.

If you prefer working with people who have attractive personalities, chances are the rest of the world would prefer to work with you more if your personality is attractive, compelling and desirable to be around. These people embody the Law of Success. That’s part of the secret. That is just how the Law of Success works.

Part of the secret of the Law of Success, assembling an attractive personality requires a good bit of work on your part. You bet it does; particularly if you have some unappealing personality characteristics. The Secret to the Law of Success requires effort on your part. It is what you are giving to the world. What you put out is what you receive.

We are living in times when people are more stressed than ever. Opposite the Law of Success, most people drop into their most unappealing personality the more tired, the more stressed, and the more they find themselves in a survival mode. Resilience doesn’t seem to be very high for many people. This makes it all the more important for you to abide by The Secret to the Law of Success.

Law of Success would show this is all the more reason we need to focus on our choice of what personality qualities we wish to show. It is harder to get along in the world in general. In specific, the law of attraction still is powerful. The more optimistic and appealing you are and act, the more you will be around optimistic and appealing people – the secret to the Law of Success.

Here’s another secret. In the long run, it can be a very selfish thing to do – become positive and upbeat – because doing so begets success. It draws to you wonderful upbeat people. Assembling an attractive personality, part of the secret key of the Law of Success; enhances your ability to do what you want to do, people will be drawn to you and will want to buy from you whatever it is you are selling.

So it is your choice. The secret is: What you put out into the world is what you draw back from the world, simple law of attraction methodology. Choose whether you wish to implement the secret key to the Law of Success; assemble an attractive personality. You can be the same old habitual you with same old, same old attitudes and behaviors. Or you can choose to slant your attitude and behaviors more in alignment with how you want to be treated, therefore becoming a more attractive person.

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