Law of Success: The Untold Secrets

Law of Success:  The Untold Secrets

“Look for Signs of the Law of Attraction”

Look for signs of Law of Attraction
; signs that the Universe is tuned in to you. Sometimes the signs come through intuition. When I first started reading Ask and It is Given, which outlines the laws of attraction, even though one part of me knew it to be true, the critic in me did not. When the internal critic takes charge, consciousness contracts to just its point of view.

One way to stretch your vision is to look for signs that the universe is supporting you. I do that by saying something like a prayer. “Universe, I want to feel and see your support. Please send me signs today that will help me trust more. Please help me recognize the signs when they appear.” Another way of saying this is that I “set an intention.” Law of attraction will respond to you. Your intuition will lift its antennae.

My daughter and I are on a road trip at the moment. We had two cars and decided we wanted to travel in one car from Texas to Washington State. We stopped at my brother’s home in Oklahoma. We half heartedly put one car for sale. I just didn’t feel momentum to sell the black Toyota. I watched the efforts and how I felt inside, and mentioned them to my daughter. She felt the same. We were not trying to sell the Cutlass we were in because it had a lien against it and felt it might be harder to sell. My brother and sister in law told us they really thought we should try selling the Oldsmobile, because they didn’t have good feelings about us selling the Toyota. We all were listening to our intuition.

Two days later polished and clean, I parked the Oldsmobile at a major intersection in this very small town. I raised the price after the first test drive, so I could have room to dicker. In the next six hours I had two offers, and had five groups take the car for test drives. As I was getting in the car to go home, two cars drove up at the same time. Both wanted the vehicle. I received a full price offer on the spot, and met the buyer the next morning at her bank to finish the sale. I looked for the signs and they were clear. Law of Attraction brought the buyers within seven hours of my putting signs on the car. Intuition gave us guidance which we followed. A problem that had been perplexing us for five months was settled in one day when we asked for signs and followed the signs and our intuition.

It was easy. It was almost effortless. The Universe gave us its support and law of attraction brought buyer and seller together in a kind and supportive transaction. We were ecstatic. My daughter had reminded me to look for “signs.” Signs will be there for you too.

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Law of Success
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